Test Environment

Risk-Free Trial Modifications.

Discover the power of experimenting with modifications and updates safely, without affecting live data. This isolated testing space not only ensures the integrity and performance of your study, but also fosters innovation and continuous improvement, making it an essential tool for accurate and efficient clinical trial management.

Refine Your Study with Ease

Test and refine your study changes safely in the test environment and use the Visual Study Editor to easily make modifications. This approach ensures accurate results without affecting the real study data, which facilitates continuous refinement: add new edit checks, queries,...and much more, whenever you want.

Separate & Secure Databases

ShareCRF has separate test and production databases for each study, allowing new configuration changes to be tested without compromising the real study data.

Advanced UAT: Validate before going live

Ensure the effectiveness of upgrades by performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in the ShareCRF test environment. Validate changes in a controlled environment before going live, ensuring reliability and optimal functionality in your studio.

Simulates the result of changes to the data.

Simulates how new configuration changes will affect the real study data without compromising it.