Customer Success Stories

Revamp Medical

Sahar Boostenay | Clinical director at Revamp Medical

"All users, from study coordinators to the monitor and me as now the manager or sponsor really enjoying the system. It's super easy to use and very intuitive. The reaction of the system is fast, it doesn't get stuck... All the users are happy with the system."

Afortiori Development

Nicola Wall | CEO at Afortiori Development

"Level of service has been wonderful and the capabilities of the ShareCRF team and that ability to work really well with our team."


Lenka Styfalova | Clinical Data Manager at Diabeloop

"What I like most about ShareCRF is the independence and also the functionalities, which are really sophisticated."

Picterus AS

Gabriela Jimenez | Medical Doctor at Picterus AS

"I like most of ShareCRF is the easy way that i found to develop the forms, it was very easy and with a very good flow to give a structure to the forms."

Noorik Biopharmaceuticals

Iker Navarro | CEO

"The main advantages of ShareCRF is the speed with which we can implement the solution and the fact that we don't really need internal or specialized staff to do it and maintain it."


Rita Carilho Torrao | Project Manager | Scientific Affairs

"The main benefits are lots of time saving, it's easy to introduce the data and it's really fast to export the data and from that on to analyse the data obtained in the studies."


Anjali Raja Beharelle | Co-Founder at Collabree

"I really think the best part is the customer support: fast and deep, and the fact that it's so easy to modify the eCRF on the fly is also great."


Mercedes Ramas | Clinical Operations Manager

"One of the biggest improvements we have perceived is the reduction in monitoring times as well as in the times to validate data in the eCRF."

Clínica Universidad de Navarra

Javier Fernandez García | Project Manager

"What I like the most is the capacity to adapt to the needs I have at every moment, even during the study, not just at the beginning of it."