Explore a suite of features designed to elevate your study's performance.

Customize the EDC for your research

Visual Study Editor

Build the EDC for your clinical trial yourself in days. No programming.


Flexible and easy, integrated and supported treatment stock management.

DICOM & Files

Effortlessly upload any file type and size, and with support for automatic anonymisation of DICOM files.


Direct data entry by the patient, without transcriptions.

Medical Coding

Use MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries to code data.


Connects the EDC to other systems via our application programming interface.

Quick Initial Setup

Visual Study Editor

Quickly configure complex systems visually, no programming needed.

Dynamic Automated Rules

Configure dynamic rule-based behaviours, such as automatic queries, automatic calculations, conditional field visibility and much more.

Cloud Hosted

Enjoy hassle-free hosting with top-tier AWS infrastructure.

Auto-Generated Documents

Save time with auto-generated annotated and blank CRFs.

Multi-Role User

Efficiently manage diverse roles within a single user account.

Role-Based Access Control

Tailor field and forms access per user role for precise control.

Easy Mid-Study Changes

Test Environment

Create new configuration versions to modify your study and validate the changes in our secure test environment before publishing them.

Configuration Sync Tool

Full patients automatic update according new EDC settings.


Effortlessly manage different versions, avoiding final reconciliation of data or studying versioning data separately.

Get High Quality Data

Dynamic Automated Rules

Boost data quality with real-time consistency checks, automatic queries, dynamic field hide and much more.

Adaptive Monitoring

Customise monitoring to achieve approval and review processes tailored to each study.

Auto Reminders

Ensure timely data entry with automated SMS and email patient and user reminders.


Flexibly export data, choose the format of the exported data, schedule recurring transfers and automate delivery via SFTP.


Streamline data entry by importing information efficiently from CSV files.


ShareCRF helps you meet all regulatory requirements.


Instantly notify staff of key events, ensuring real-time awareness and response.


Insights for effective study management.