Export Data

at Your Fingertips

Unlock the full potential of your research with multiple data export options. Our EDC make it easy to access and analyse data, seamlessly bridging the gap between data collection and in-depth analysis.

Custom Exports

Configure your exports to include only the data you need, eliminating the hassle of cleaning up data you don't care about - streamlining data analysis, saving time and improving the effectiveness of your research.

Ready-to-Use Data

Access your study data in the format that best suits your workflow. With options to export in CSV, SAS, SPSS, and Excel, our platform ensures your data is ready for immediate analysis, catering to various analytical tools and preferences. Streamline your research process with data formatted for your convenience.

Efficient Export Templates: Consistency & Collaboration

Enhance data export efficiency with savable templates. Quickly replicate previous exports and share settings with your team, ensuring uniformity and saving time.

Automated Regular Exports

Set up automated exports on a daily, weekly, or custom schedule, ensuring regular data availability without manual effort. This boosts efficiency and lets you focus on others strategic tasks.

SFTP Auto-Transfer: Expand Your Data Horizons.

Utilize SFTP auto-transfer to automatically send exported data to external systems, streamlining archiving, external backup, or further analysis, and enhancing data security and cross-platform integration.