API Integration

Connect Your Way

Use the ShareCRF API to effortlessly link with other systems, customize integrations to suit your specific needs. Improve the efficiency and flexibility of your data management, creating a seamless, interconnected workflow.

JSON-based RESTful API

Experience the power of simplicity and efficiency with our API. Its lightweight format ensures swift data exchange and seamless integration, making it ideal for modern web interoperability across diverse platforms and systems.

Embrace a more streamlined, scalable approach to data handling, enhancing connectivity and interoperability across diverse platforms and systems.

Development Safety

Test your integrations against our test environment. This independent testing space allows for secure enhancements and changes, without disrupting your live operations.

API Access Control:
Customized User Permissions

Enhance security and flexibility with our API's multi-user capability. Assign unique profiles and permissions for each API user, tailoring access to actions and data.

Manage multiple valid API keys per user, simplifying key rotation for heightened security.