Dynamic Automated Rules

Redefine the User Data Entry Experience

Ensure real-time data consistency as users type data, making data entry more enjoyable and reducing manual data management tasks:  data cleaning, consistency checks,... with our unique rules system.

Conditional Visibility and Auto-Cleaning

Automatically show, hide, or disable elements, with intelligent data cleaning on submission.

Automated Query Generation with Custom Rules

Streamline data management with customized rules that automatically trigger queries, enhancing monitoring efficiency and reducing manual workload.

Visual Rule Configuration Wizard

Simplify complex EDC setups with our intuitive rule configuration wizard, enabling advanced, customizable study designs without programming.

Instant user guidance via alerts

Instantly guide users with pre-set error or warning messages when specific conditions are met, enhancing user experience and data accuracy during entry.

Autocalculated Fields

Improve data accuracy and efficiency with auto-calculated fields. Saves time and reduces manual data entry errors

Stay Informed

Set up automatic email notifications to alert you of key events: adverse events, patient data completion, randomisation cases,...etc.

Customise triggers according to the specific needs of your study, getting relevant information to each team member.