Free for users and researchers


ShareCRF platform is free for users and researches, signing up and taking part in different trials don't have any extra cost. The promoters will be resposible for paying the costs of the service.

What is the ShareCRF payment policy?

Each study has a paid subscription associated. The subscription can be paid either monthly o annually at the beginning of each subscription period. The subscriptions will renew automatically and also their payment will be collected automatically as well for your convenience.

What is the ShareCRF payment method?

The ShareCRF main payment method is by credit/debit card. We use the services provided by Stripe to charge by card, one of the most important and reliable companies in the online payment sector. Therefore, we do not store any of our client's credit/debit card details.

Are bank transfers allowed as a payment method?

Yes, we also accept payment by transfer for amounts over € 1,500. Once we have received the bank transfer, we will add the amount to the user's account as a ShareCRF credit that can be used to pay for the subscriptions of their studies.

Contact us via email on the following email address if you would like to proceed with this payment method and we will inform you about the steps to follow, solving any kind of question that you could have.

What is the ShareCRF credit?

ShareCRF credit is a type of currency associated with each user that is used as a priority way for the payment of the ShareCRF subscriptions. There are 2 different ways to get ShareCRF credit:

  • Payment with bank transfer.
  • Automatic adjustment when the user changes the current trial subscription to a cheaper one. In this case, ShareCRF generates a credit for the client apportioning both subscriptions.
How many studies can I create in ShareCRF?

There is no limit of studies that you can create. Each trial has an independent subscription associated.

Do all study subscriptions cost the same?

No, the subscriptions have different prices based on 2 different factors:

  • Type of subscription selected.
  • Maximum number of Records that are allowed in the study.

The type of subscription sets the different group of features that you would be available to use on the study. There are 4 types of subscription to suit your study requirements.

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Advanced Plus
Can I change either the subscription type or the maximum number of patients whenever I wish?

Yes, ShareCRF allows you to change the type of subscription and/or the number of records at any time, also you would be able to change the time of the subscription between Monthly and Annually at any time.

What does happen when I change either the subscription type, maximum number of records or time selected for the subscription before finishing the current subscription period?

The system will make a proration to calculate the service consumed by the current subscription and the new one so that the client will only pay for the subscription time used. For example, if in the middle of an annual subscription period you decide to change from a Basic subscription type to a Standard one, the system will calculate that you have 6 months of subscription left and will only charge you the price difference between the Standard and Basic packages for 6 months.

Do I either have to pay in advance or enter my credit card details to create a new study?

No, ShareCRF offers the first 30 days of each study for free, with no commitments. Once you have finished the registration process in, send us an email to, so we will activate your user for free and assign the right privileges that will allow you to create studies.

What does happen with the trial after the 30 days after creating a study?

If before the trial period expires you have not created a subscription associated with the study, when the expire day arrives, the system will start the process of closing the study automatically. If during that period, you have created a subscription associated with the study, after the expire day arrives, the system will generate a direct debit payment and the trial will continue working with the subscription selected

What does happen when a subscription plan associated with a study is closed?

For example, when the subscription ends, because the study has ended. From this moment, the access to the study will be blocked to everyone(promoter, creator, researchers, etc). In any case, you can always export the full records database before ending the subscription.

If I do not have studies with an active subscription associated, do I have to pay something?

No, if you do not have any study with an active subscription, we do not charge anything.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, the subscription associated with a study can be cancelled at any time. In this case, you can continue accessing the study until the cancellation date of the subscription.

Do researchers have to pay something to use ShareCRF?

No, the ShareCRF service payment is only associated with the person who creates the study. The rest of the users invited to participate in the study do not have to pay anything.

Are there any more extra cost associated to the ShareCRF platform?

No, There are no more costs than the one associated with the subscription selected. ShareCRF complementary offers a service of the creation of studies, support and help with data migration process, guidance in the development of advanced solutions, training courses, data recovery under petition and others that may be requested by customers that are not included in the additional services guide. All of them are carried out by our specialized staff and according to the needs of the study and/or client.

I like ShareCRF but unfortunately do not have the time to configure my own eCRF. Could you do it for me?

Yes of course. ShareCRF offers additional services for the creation of studies in which our specialized staff will configure the study for you.

I am interested in creating a study. What do I have to do?

First thing to do in order to create a study is to register in ShareCRF platform. You can register through the following link. Once registered, send us an email to letting us know so we can grant you permission to create studies and from that moment you will be able to create new studies.

How can I find out more about the prices of ShareCRF?

If you would like to create an study and want to find more about our prices, send us an email to

If I have any question/concern about ShareCRF, What should I do?

Send us an email to, indicating your phone number if you would like us to call you, we will be happy to help.