Medical Coding


Facilitate medical coding with concurrent data entry, compatible with MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries.

Parallel Data Entry and Coding

Delaying medical coding until all study data is collected can unnecessarily extend study timelines. ShareCRF offers an integrated medical coding system that enables coding concurrently with data entry, significantly streamlining the process and reducing time to completion.

Smart Auto-Invalidation

Automatically invalidate coding when related fields change, ensuring consistent and accurate data, essential for reliable medical coding processes.

Bulk Coding

Accelerate coding by handling multiple fields at once. Our search and filter tools streamline these bulk actions, boosting overall efficiency.

Flexible Dictionary Versioning Management

Select the appropriate dictionary version for your study requirements, accessing new medical terminology as it becomes available and ensuring accurate coding. Preserve the integrity of past data while ensuring your coding is up-to-date and comprehensive.

Benefits of Integrated Data Download

Experience the advantage of downloading coding data seamlessly integrated with the study data. This integration ensures comprehensive data access and simplifies analysis.