Release Notes ShareCRF 2024.01-4

Available for users on 26 April 2024 (EU servers)


This is a minor release containing three bug fixes

Bug fixes

  • In the Control Panel application, in the Sites section, the creation and update form for a site prevented some of the countries to be associated to the site, so the update action returned and error.
  • Some CRF which exceeded some parameters of size or complexity where unable to generate documentation in PDF format such as annotated CRF or the certified copy of a subject. It has been fixed for most of the cases, although there are some particular CRF that still can't generate their PDF documentation, and will be fixed in the next release.
  • Some CRF with a huge amount of forms and variables, in the order above 20K items, were unable to publish successfully the CRF application because of a memory problem in the rendering of the Export section. In particular the section to select individually the information to be exported, the selection of forms and fields to be included.
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