Release Notes ShareCRF 2024.01

Available for validation stage at March 11th, 2024 (EU servers)

Available for users on 9 Apr 2024 (EU servers)


This is a major release with new features, as well as some improvements on the current
platform and some bug fixes.

New features

  • API available for studies
    • Management of API accesses and permissions
    • Management of API keys

Functionality improvement

  • Change of subdomains to provide an easier access. All access is now carried out under the main domain of the study, and prefixes such as cp- and test- dissapear.
  • New identification for repetition list items. Each one will have an assigned numeric ID which will not change throughout the study, as opposed to the natural position in the list that was displayed so far. This allows an unequivocal identification of the item.
    • Items are not assigned an ID until the record is saved
    • Starting with this version the audit trail entries will display the internal immutable ID, instead of the sequential numbering. Both in the CRF application and in exported data.
  • Better detection after losing network connectivity.

Bug fixes

  • Fix in the logo image in Export and Medical Coding sections when CRF had it configured in the application header.
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