Release Notes ShareCRF 2023.02-8

Available for users on 26 Feb 2024 (EU servers)


This is a minor release with four bug fixes

Bug fixes

  • In the Export section, when saving a template with the option "Include all the subjects", it was no properly saved. The consequence is that when loading again the template, the validation did not showed to the user any error, and the Export button was enabled. But when clicking, the server returned the corresponding error, as the validation is always executed again in the backend server.
  • When an automatic query was opened due to a rule action, on a field of type multiselection or file, and that query was closed manually. If later the same record was saved again, without changing that field value, the query was opened again despite the fact that the value remained the same, and it was closed earlier.
  • When uploading a DICOM study from a folder or a ZIP file, the resulting study saved in the field did not keep the original folder structure from the uploaded DICOM files. In order to keep the most information on the original files, the same folders must be created the same in the resulting ZIP file that the application archives as the field value, and must appear again when downloading that ZIP file.
  • In a data Export configured in Joined mode and the value of multicheck fields on different columns for each value, in a CRF where a library form was instantiated more than one in the structure, and that form contained a multiselect field. The resulting CSV did not calculate properly the duplicity of the column names, prefixing in that case the field name with the form name which included the variable, but only exported one column for each variable.
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