Release Notes ShareCRF 2023.02-6

Available for users on (EU servers)


This is a minor release with two bug fixes and one improvement

Bug fixes

  • In CRF configured with field revision states could report in some instances more "revisable" fields in total, so the percentage of revised record could be below the real figure, as there were some fields that were not required to be revised.
  • DICOM studies ID files were shown in the form or the audit trail interface with a common prefix removed, but it could be confusing to the user as it was presented with different prefixes in export files or the application form. It's been modified to show always the full ID of the DICOM study throughout all the platform.


  • Large DICOM studies with a combined size above 2GB could have issues when uploading, as the local computer could exhaust the available memory. It has been refactor so the files are processed individually, and the DICOM upload is not dependent on the memory resources for each computer.