Release Notes ShareCRF 2023.02

Available in validation stage on September 12th, 2023 [RC-5]

Available for users on September 26th, 2023 (EU servers) [RC-6]


This is a major release which includes:

  • New export interface and options, including form and field selection, scheduled exports, automated deletion and reusable templates.
  • Access profiles in each user separated and independent per application


  • Better network issues detection
  • Improved Medical Coding visual interface

Bug fixes

  • Representation of a patient status change in the CSV file containing the audit trail.
  • SPSS and SAS syntax file for randomization date, it was specified as string.
  • Fixed footer in the Control Panel for German and Portuguese versions.
  • Cell format in Excel export for auxiliary variables with unknown value information.
  • Cloning of a rule in the CRF Editor containing a list and specifying an index, that index was not properly cloned.
  • SPSS and SAS syntax file the data type for encrypted fields for users with permission to see the original value.

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