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Build your e-CRF yourself

Design your e-CRF (electronic Case Form Report) yourself, organize the variables you would like to collect, their validations and automatic rules with our easy and visual interface, where neither technical knowledge is required nor complicated training processes.

Our platform ShareCRF allows you to dynamically create the electronic case report form and manage the data of the study that best suits your requirements. You can do all this autonomously anytime you wish and wherever you want, giving you complete independence both in the creation and in the subsequent phases of the project when it is necessary to make any change.

Visual editor of forms and rules

ShareCRF visual editor allows through simple drag and drop actions design the structure and variables that you would like to collect on your study. Add sections, subsections, repetition lists for longitudinal data collection, variables, conditioned subvariables, explanatory texts, etc. All these options will allow you to create an electronic case report form that adapts to your specific requirements.

Our visual editor for automatic rules allows you to improve the quality of the collected data without the need to use complex expressions. You could create as many rules of control as you like allowing you to control: ranges in the variables, relation between variables, conditions between different dates of the record, automatic calculation of variables, inclusion/exclusion criteria, hiding and disabling variables, etc.

It is not necessary to know about in web application development to design the case report form in ShareCRF; the service has been developed to make the process of design and configuration of the case report form easy and straightforward. Once the case report form has been configured, the publication process of it will allow the users to start entering data of the study. The publication process is carried out by a simple action, which is pressing a button.

Manage yourself any change

ShareCRF allows modifying any configurable parameter at any time which enables you to adapt the CRF to any change that needs to be done, new variables, a new set of answers, new rules, adapt to changes in the protocol of the study, etc. These changes can be made with more security thanks to our Test environment, which allows you to check and validate all the changes made in an environment utterly independent to the production one. Once the changes have been verified in the Test environment, you could publish them in the Production environment merely by pressing a button.

ShareCRF saves automatically every version of the CRF used throughout the study; therefore you can check at any time the structure of every CRF version, allowing audit the different versions used during the project comfortably and safely.

Group Collaboration

ShareCRF allows few people to work together in the process of designing and creating the eCRF, sharing the study view and being able to quickly check the final appearance and behaviour of the web application that the users of the study will use to collect the data collection.

If you can not do it, we will do it for you

If you do not have enough time to create or manage your study, do not worry, we can help you, we have expert technicians in ShareCRF that can take care of this task for you at a very competitive price, contact us and we will inform you in detail about our services.