Save time

Save time

Build your study spending less time, save up to 90% of your time in relation to ad-hoc developments

Save time and money avoiding the CRF development

ShareCRF allows you to start the study in a very short period of time and no waits as you can configure the CRF and publish it in Production environment yourself within minutes, where there is no need to have either programming knowledge or skills. Avoid the long development times and the inflexibility of them, simply configure the variables of your CRF and check the output, change it and check it again as many times as you need. This work dynamic allows a quick and agile design, showing you directly the final eCRF that will be used in the study.

No need of complicated install and maintenance processes

With ShareCRF you do not need to install any software, and you do not need to have your own servers to be able to use it. ShareCRF is a Web-SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows you to use our management and data collector software for clinical studies, freeing yourself from most tasks and services associated with information technologies:

Allowing you to focuss your efforts in setting the variables of the CRF and therefore create in a quick and safe way electronic case report forms (eCRF). Reduce the start-up times of a project ** up to 90% ** with respect to other systems.

Speed up the cicle “change, validate, accept”

ShareCRF not only helps reducing initial start-up times, it also improves the times of changes and modifications in studies and records that have already begun, you can change and add new variables and rules quickly, and can also validate the appearance and functioning of the changes before they are published in Production using our Test environment.

Better validation means: Saving times and costs

One of the ** biggest problems ** presented in a clinical study is to detect in the analysis phase of the data that some of the collected data present inconsistencies. These inconsistencies mean important extra costs of time and money to get them fixed, and the best solution to avoid is to use a eCRF solution that allows a High level of control and validation of data to reduce the inherent risks to the mistakes and inconsistencies entered during the process of collecting the data. Our powerful advanced rules system allows having a high validation level of the data and together with our system of queries we get a high control over the collected data in the study which means a high quality of the collected data.