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Electronic CRF

Our electronic Case Report Form (Electronic CRF or e-CRF) is the core of ShareCRF and responsible for managing the collection of electronic data for the study.

The collection of the data is a critical and fundamental task in any clinical investigation. The final results of the clinical research are the output of the statistical analysis over the data collected during the study, therefore, the right design and execution of the data collection process are critical to obtaining a high quality and veracity data. Our platform is designed with the primary goal of getting the best results, and to achieve it, we use the most current technologies.

The use of electronic tools to collect data in clinical studies significantly reduces the cost, times and mistakes in the clinical research process. Our electronic case report form is designed to increase even more the productivity of these systems, by creating a simple, fast and reliable solution, getting rid of the biggest blockers and making this task as simple as possible for the investigators, promoters, CROs or any person involved in the process of collecting data for clinical investigation.

Quality of the collected data

Ensure the quality of the collected data during the study. Our electronic case report form has multiple properties to achieve it:

All these mechanisms of control and improvement in the quality of the data are run in real-time, allowing the detection of errors at the very same time that the data is entered, helping researchers and monitors to reduce mistakes in a significative way, pushing the error forward in time and avoiding the long subsequent processes of detection and correction of errors.

ShareCRF allows you to configure effortlessly every validation feature that you require in your project through our self-construction system. This will enable you to adjust and validate every filter, validation and rules of the project both in its phase before the start the data collection, and in subsequent stages in which the data collection has already begun, without the need to interrupt users in their data collection process thanks to our independent test environment.

Easy to use

Usability for ShareCRF is one of the main features. Our aim is for users to utilise our platform in the most intuitive and easy possible way, with no necessity of tedious and lengthy training programs.

Our electronic case report form does not require any installation of software in your devices. The only requirement to be able to use it is to have a device(computer, tablets, smartphone,..etc) with a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer,…etc) and internet connexion. All this facilitates the implementation and use of ShareCRF for all users.

The promoters of the study will not have to install any software in their servers either, because ShareCRF is offered as a service in the cloud, facilitating its implementation and maintenance. In addition, it allows in a simple and easy way the creation and case report form visual edition. All this functionality and much more enable our clients being more productive and agile.


Security is essential in electronic data collection for clinical trials. Our electronic case report form complies with the highest quality standards of safety:

Adaptability to the requirements of your research

The versatility of our electronic case report form allows our clients to define the characteristics and modules that will be part of their project, in this way ShareCRF adjusts to the needs of their project, allowing us to adapt ourselves to all types of clinical investigations:

This versatility is for the entire duration of the project. Add new variables, values, texts, explanations or even modify any element of the eCRF yourself at any time, through our self-construction system and completely safe through our independent test environment, which will allow you examine and validate any changes in a separate environment, before proceeding to publish them finally into production environment.

Export and Analysis of data

Our service ShareCRF allows you to export the data of the study anytime you wish, and choose the format that suits you best to proceed the statistical study of the data with your preferred software: Excel, SPSS, SAS, R, Stata…etc.

And much more

Our electronic CRF has many more features. If you are interested in our product, request a free demostration and you will be able to check our ShareCRF service in a quick teleconference.