ShareCRF 3.0 new features and updates

This new ShareCRF version presents significant improvements to support our clients both in the CRF elaboration process, as in the capture of the data.

Form Library

The Form Library of a study allows creating a form and use it in multiple places of the Case Report Form structure. This new feature allows performing changes in the Library master form and automatically reflect those changes in the form instances of the case report form, reducing the eCRF creation times up to 65%.

eCRF Form Library

In clinical studies with multiple visits, where the same data forms are collected in those visits, the use of this new feature allows simplifying the eCRF creation and maintenance process as it is only necessary to create and maintain the master form and use it in every visit required. When either a change needs to be performed to add/delete a field or modify an edit check, it will only be necessary to make that modification on the master form and automatically the eCRF form instances will be updated with the changes.

Clinical studies with multiple visits

New File type field

With this new version, it is possible to use File type fields in ShareCRF. With these type of fields, users can easily upload files from their computers and devices as study data, enabling:

New File type field

Data cleaning enhancements in forms, list and sections.

The data cleaning of the field value is set by default in actions that hide the following container elements: Forms, Lists and Sections. When hiding any of these elements, the value of the fields located inside them will be cleaned automatically, improving the eCRF data cleaning process.

Container Data cleaning.

New real-time validator of the CRF editor.

The CRF editor validator has been improved, and now, just by placing the cursor on the “Save eCRF” button, the user can check if there are errors in the configuration of the eCRF. By pressing the “Save eCRF” button when there are errors in the design of the eCRF, the system displays a pop-up window indicating the errors and allows clicking on the elements that indicate the problems, to solve them directly. This new validator tool allows for solving the eCRF configuration errors faster.

Real.time validation.

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