ShareCRF 2.8 new features and updates

This new version of ShareCRF presents very important improvements which will help our clients during the data validation process of the collected data and the generation of the annotated CRF.

Annotated CRF automatic generation

With a simple click, ShareCRF generates automatically a PDF file including the complete information associated with the forms, automatic rules, set of answers,…etc. This annotated CRF is very helpful during the task of data analysis as it shows the relationship between the exported data and their presentation to the user.

Automatic annotated CRF generation

This functionality will only be available for studies with subscription associated Advanced or higher.

Approval statuses

We have developed a very important change and improvement in the old module Status control, that from the version 2.8 will be renamed to Approval statuses. The main purpose of this renovated module is to allow complete customisation of the approval status and their behaviour, allowing ShareCRF to adapt even better to the requirements of each trial and organisation.

New approval statuses in the eCRF

Some of the more important changes are explained below:

Configuration of the new approval statuses

NOTE: Current studies will keep behaving practically the same way as they did, since the configuration of the statuses has be adjusted automatically to be similar as they were. The only changes that can happen are:

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