Version 2020.03 new features and updates

We have just released what will be the last version of ShareCRF for this complicated year 2020 (the next new version with important improvements will be released in 2021), in this new version we have included improvements that will help you manage your studies in a much more efficient, fast and safe way.

Here is a summary of the most important improvements:

Investigators will be able to sign all their patients in one go.

You no longer have to carry out the actions related to the Approval Statuses (sign, review, … etc) from patient to patient, now it is as simple as selecting the subjects on which you want to perform the operation and thanks to the bulk operations tool you can perform the required action on all of them at the same time.

In addition, you can also download all the certified copies of the selected subjects together, that is why we are telling you this just below.

Bulk operation to set a status

Available for Advanced and Advanced Plus plans.

Get certified PDF copies of patient data so you can easily meet regulatory requirements.

Get certified copies of the subject’s data that meet the regulator’s requirements easily. The certified copies include the data, context information, content, structure, audit trail, queries and the eCRF can also be configured to automatically generate the certified copies at the moment the investigator signs the patient data.

You can easily download the latest certified copies, using the bulk operations tool, associated with the signature or any other approval status configured.

Certified Copy

Available for Advanced Plus plans.

Investigators will be able to include DICOM files in the forms, and also, the identifying information of the patient will be deleted when uploading the DICOM file.

Adding DICOM information to the eCRF is now very simple, the new DICOM field allows you to upload one or multiple files with the information of the DICOM study associated with the patient in the method you prefer (individual DCM files, folder with multiple DCM files or ZIP file with DCM files inside) and also, you can do it in a safer way: automatically eliminating the personal identification data of the meta information of the DICOM files before they are sent to the servers, thus preventing the identifying information included in the DICOM files to travel through the Internet.

Now monitors will be able to remotely review the content of the DICOM studies included in the eCRF and verify that the type of test and the data collected are correct.

Available for Advanced Plus plans.

Automatically generate system access audit documents in PDF format.

With these documents, you will be able to demonstrate the access permissions of the different users to the study during the entire study period, allowing them to be presented in any audit or evaluation of the study.

Available for Advanced Plus plans.

Know at a glance the form fields that have undergone any change in the data.

With a simple glance at the form, you will be able to identify the fields that have undergone any change in their data, allowing you in a much faster way to review the cause of said change.

Change value icon

Available for all the plans.

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