First News of ShareCRF in 2020

We bring important new features to this beggining of 2020 to help you in the process of capturing and managing the clinical data of clinical investigations. In addition to these new features and improvements of our service, this time we also bring more important news: From this new version we have updated the way to identify the versions of ShareCRF and we launch a new service that will allow you to access the validation documentation of the ShareCRF platform, to enable you to use it as a support for your validation processes.

New system of version identification

From this new version of ShareCRF in 2020, the ShareCRF numeric version identification changes. Therefore, the 3.0 version is going to be the last one following the previous version identification scheme, becoming version 2020.1.0, the first version following the new identification scheme. This version identification change offers more information in its format that is composed of the following components:

New service -ShareCRF Platform Validation-

Our new service ShareCRF Platform Validation enables to have access to the full documentation of validation of the platform to be able to support you with it to complete your study validation processes much faster and comfortably. Our validation process consists of more than 5,000 automatic tests complemented with manual tests, allowing us to validate the platform. We use a validation approach based on GAMP5 and assign our greatest validation efforts to the main aspects required by the GCP: ALCOA +, Security, Access Control and Data Quality.

If you are interested in this new service, contact us and we will inform you in detail about it.

Support for unbalanced randomization

With this new feature you can configure our randomization module to have a patients assignment to the different arms of the study different from the balanced allocation. This new feature allows you to configure the proportion of patient assignment to each arm of the study.

Unbalanced randomization configuration

If you are interested in this new service, contact us and we will inform you in detail about it.

Configurable formats of date type fields

We have introduced the option to configured the input format of the date type fields, between the following kind of formats:

Configurable formats of date

Change the input format of your study at anytime, it will not affect the dates entered previously with different format.

Informative date with univocal format in date type fields

Another important improvement included in the fields of date type in this new ShareCRF version is to display below the field the value selected by the user in univocal format DD-MMM-AAAA (30-jan-2020), a format that avoids cultural ambiguities with the value of month and day.

Univocal format in date type fields

Configurable date format on data exportation and importation

In addition to the improvements related to the formats of the date type fields, the processes for exporting and importing data have also been improved in order to select the desired date format.

Exportation format date options

Inclusion in the audit trail of the local time of the person making the change

We have improved the audit trail system by adding local time information of the user making the change, now you can check the date the change was made in comparison to your time zone and also the local time and time zone of the person that made the change.

Local time in Audit Trail

New Access and Signature logs

We add two new sections to the control panel of the study that enables you the possibility to see the access log (login) of the users participating in the study and the electronic signature of the different patient approval statuses. To access these sections, you must activate the new permissions associated in the profiles that you want to provide access.

Access Log

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