Nutritional Studies

ShareCRF allows the creation of nutritional trials and manage its data allowing you to demonstrate the beneficial effects of supplements and foods.

ShareCRF is perfectly adapted to carry out the creation and data management for nutritional studies in a very easy, simple, economic and efficient way. The system allows to design and create the case report form as well as to manage multiple sites and investigators, allowing that each of them only has access to the data entered by them.

ShareCRF facilitates the task of a CRO, allowing to manage the changes that happen in the case report form (CRF) over time to adapt to different needs. Also managing the registration of new users, the different types of users with different types of permissions (users, test users, coordinators, colaborators in the CRF edition, promoters, sponsors), and then define the access roles of each one of them for the system to adapt to their requirements.