Special Test environment

Allows to test and validate new changes in the eCRF, rules or any other characteristic, without affecting the application published in production

ShareCRF has a very innovative system that allows you to check and validate any change that needs to be done in a study once this has been published in the Production environment: Changes in the CRF variables, in the rules, any other configurable option in the system. These tests are made in a completely independent environment to the Production one, therefore the user will not be affected by the changes before they have been tested.

This special Test environment offers the possibility to make modifications in the study and check how these changes will appear and behave before publishing them in the final eCRF, allowing you to make decisions and fix unexpected behaviours before putting all the changes definitely in the Production environment (final eCRF used by the researchers). While the changes are made and tested, the current application will continue to operate independently, and the users will not be affected at all.

ShareCRF allows the user in a very easy way (simply pressing a button) to do the validation and publication process who follows professionally most software engineering companies. In this way, changes can be made safely and allow you to check the changes made before these changes begin to work.