ShareCRF 2.5 new features and updates

With this new version of the platform, we present you as one of the main improvements the following modules: Randomization and Trial Supply Management. The purpose of these modules will be to manage the entire patient randomization process and manage as well the treatment kit supply for the entire trial. In addition to this important novelty, we also present the rest of improvements released with this new version of the platform.

New modules: Randomization and Trial Supply Management

The new modules are responsible for randomizing patients from the eCRD itself automatically and without the need for personnel dedicated to the randomization process, increasing safety and minimizing associated bias problems. The module Randomization allows simple, block, stratified randomization, definition of cohorts associated with fields of the eCRF, unlimited number of arms and also allows to define which profiles of users will have access to the treatment kit information of each patient, hiding to those profiles the information that you would not like them to see. The Randomization module is also complemented with the module Trail Supply Management which controls the treatment kit supplies of the entire study. You can find more information in the randomization section of

Improvements in queries management

With this new version of ShareCRF we have improved the queries management tools increasing the simplicity in the process.

Improvements in the cloning process of elements with our visual editor

We have added in this new version an improvement that responds to one of the most popular requests that our clients have made to us. This improvement is the cloning of associated rules to the elements that are being cloned. Now when you clone an element with associated rules, new associated rules will be created in the new cloned element, simplifying the process of reusing elements within the eCRF. The ease of use of our eCRF visual editor is one of our client’s favourite tools as it allows them to create and modify the eCRF structure in a quick and easy way, now with this new improvement, it will be even more comfortable and faster to build the eCRF.

Download in Excel the eCRF data dictionary

On this new version, we have included the possibility to download the information of the fields that are in the eCRF in Excel format and the eCRF set of answers dictionaries. In this way you will be able to check the dictionaries of the data exported, allowing the identification of each variable and its set of answer associated.

Audit Trail reason for the change configurable

This new improvement allows to define the values of the answers for the reason of the change, in this way, you will be able to personalize each eCRF to facilitate the process of indicating the reason of the change when the value of a variable is changed.

Download in Excel the patient list

Capability to download the records in Excel format, through the new download button added in the records list, taking into account the filters selected by the user.

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