ShareCRF 2.4 new features and updates

Throughout this summer we have added new features in and we want to present the most important improvements of this new version which are focused on the possibility of associating several profiles (roles) to the same users, and new types of fields for The eCRF forms:

Multiprofile access

From now, you will be able to assign several different access profiles to the same user. With this new feature, a study could have, for example, users that will act as an Investigator and coordinator; depending on the access profile they select, they will have access to the functionality allowed to that profile. We could also have users who will have all the roles assigned, simplifying the process of validating how those roles will behave in either the eCRF or Control Panel for the users who have them assigned. When accessing the platform, if the user has more than one role assigned, they will have to select which role they would like to access the platform with. Once the user is inside of either the eCRF or Control Panel, they will always have the capability to change the active role through a pop-up menu which gets displayed after clicking on the box with the user’s name on the top right corner.

New type of field: Multi-selection answer

We add this new field to our visual editor set of fields. The new field allows the user to select several answer options, and choose when exporting the data, the format of it: Either, together in a single field or an individual field for each response. Create powerful rules to generate automatic fields using the set of answers for this new type of field.

New type of field: Time

We have also added a new time-type field that facilitates the capture of time-related data.

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